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The PersonToPerson platform is used by Postcards For Democracy to make it easy for volunteers to send mail to voters in a targeted fashion. It is ideal for situations where an organization wants to distribute mailing addresses across many volunteers.

Why send postcards or letters? Read this blog post that one of the creators wrote on the topic. Below are some simple reasons why volunteers should write to voters.


People that receive a postcard know someone took the time to reach out and will appreciate the effort.

Understated and unobtrusive

People can read postcards on their own time, in a manner of their choosing.

Who we are

The PersonToPerson platform was started by politically engaged programmers to get Democrats elected to the House of Representatives in 2018. We have expanded the mission to broadly help all Democrats. We are aligned with, but not necessarily endorsed by, groups such as Swing Left, Indivisible, Sister District, the Democratic Party, and other local progressive groups.

Contact Us

Contact Postcards For Democracy to learn more about how this site uses PersonToPerson. If you'd like to use PersonToPerson with your organization, or have questions about how it works, please send PersonToPerson an email.