Getting Started

Follow this step by step guide to be on your way to using Postcards For Democracy to reach out to voters about important elections and issues in their community.

Create Your Account

Create Your Account to get addresses.

Confirm Your Email Address

An email will be sent with a link you can use to complete the verification process. If you have lost the email or the link has expired, you can resend the confirmation email from your Profile page.

Start Contacting Voters!

Go to Get Addresses! (see menu bar above) and select a campaign. You will be presented with the program's instructions and required script, as well as the voters' names and addresses.

If you want to print or save your addresses, the easiest way is to click the "Save As PDF" button on the address bundle page. To print, open the downloaded PDF and print it from your computer.

Rules for Every Postcard Program

Hand write the required text legibly and in print on each postcard. Not everyone can read cursive writing, so please write in print.

Have fun with different colored markers or highlighters to make your postcards stand out.

If you have room, and want to add some general words of encouragement - Go for it! Feel free to use your own encouraging words. If you'd like some ideas, here are some phrases often used by some of our veteran writers:

Your Vote matters!
Your Vote is Your Voice!
Your Vote = Your Voice!
Make a plan to Vote.
Be a Voter!
Thank you for being a Voter!
Tell a friend!
Bring a friend to vote!
Your vote matters more than ever. (Yay you!)
Democracy only works when more of us vote.
This is a close election and your vote really matters!
Save this note to help you vote!

Sign your first name or initials, followed by "Volunteer". Do not include your return address, email address, last name, or social media handle or account name.

Do not write anything other than the address in the address area. It confuses the postal scanners.

PROOFREAD your postcard. Pay particular attention to the candidate name, recipient name & address, and election details.

Mail all postcards by the provided deadline. Shred and/or delete addresses when completed.

COVER recipient names & addresses before taking any photos of your completed postcards. Feel free to post photos on social media and tag the campaign and/or @democracymarkers

If you are unable to complete all your addresses, email before the deadline - and include the following:

  • Your Address Bundle Number
  • Which Addresses, if any, were completed.
  • Email subject line: “RETURNING ADDRESSES for “Bundle #” “name of campaign”, (e.g. RETURNING ADDRESSES for Bundle #1 Expel George Santos)

Mail Your Postcards

Click the "I USED these addresses" button once you are done.