Frequently Asked Questions

Why do I need to create an account?
You need to create an account in order to access our self-service address system. Also, we want to make sure everyone getting addresses is a real person. The way we ensure this is by having you sign up and respond to a confirmation email.
How do I get a confirmation email?
Once you create an account, a confirmation email is sent to you.
What if I didn't receive my confirmation email?
If you don't receive your confirmation email immediately, we recommend doing the following: 1) Waiting a few minutes just in case your system is slow; 2) Check your spam folder, 3) Go to the Profile page and request a new confirmation email be sent. If none of these steps work, please contact us at We apologize for the inconvenience.
What Materials Will I Need?

To get started, you will need postcards, postcard stamps, and at least one pen or marker in blue or black ink that writes with a fine line and doesn't smudge.

If you would like more color, we like ultra fine point Sharpies in bright colors, perhaps some additional fine point Sharpies for emphasis, and/or one or more highlighters.

A variety of 4" x 6" postcards will work. You may use index cards, destination postcards, art postcards, voting specific postcards or postcards you create yourself. Whatever style postcard you choose, use cards that are inclusive. When creating or purchasing postcards, make certain the images and wording are neutral and do not depict any holiday.

You are welcome to purchase postcards at Markers for Democracy's private Vistaprint ProShop. Prices reflect VistaPrint's best discounted prices, therefore, discount coupons cannot be applied to orders placed through our shop. Orders over $50 receive free shipping. Markers For Democracy receives no proceeds from the shop - we are passing all discounts on to you! You can find the link to our ProShop here. The link is also on our website & in our biweekly newsletter.

In addition, there are many places to order blank-back postcards on Etsy. Some of our favorites are CreativeDem, MaryLikesPostcards, Patchwork Democracy, PostcardsToVoters, REF Creatives, Vertical Printing, StoneMavenDesigns, and StephaniesVision

We recommend sticking with 4" x 6" postcards because oversized postcards (5" x 7" and larger) will require more expensive letter postage.

You can purchase postcard stamps at your local post office or by ordering postcard stamps thru the USPS store. (Shipping cost is low)
Correction Method

Everyone makes mistakes! Be sure to have some Wite-out or a Presto Correction Pen handy! Veteran writers use a variety of methods and techniques for correction. Here are some of our favorite correction products that might work for you: Pentel Presto Correction Pen, Bic Wite Out Correction Tape Pen and Bic Wite-Out Correction Fluid

If you have blank mailing labels available, one favored technique is cutting a small piece from the mailing label and covering the mistake with the small piece of mailing label.

How many addresses can I get?
Each campaign/program will have a limit (typically 400). But you write for as many campaigns/programs as you want.
How can I find my addresses?
Your addresses remain accessible to you until you click on the "I USED these addresses" button. Go to "Get Addresses!" to find your most recent Address Bundle.
How should I print out my addresses?
The easiest way to print out your addresses is to click the "Save As PDF" button on the address bundle page. Then open the downloaded PDF and print it from your computer.
What if I want to write postcards for more than one candidate?
Addresses are distributed per candidate or program. You can take addresses for only one candidate or program at a time. In order to get addresses for a different candidate or program, click on the "I USED these addresses" button which clears your account and will allow you to get addresses for another candidate or program.
What if I have a suggestion on how you can make this self-service address system better?
Terrific. We'd love to hear your suggestion. Please email it to us at
What measures are in place to protect my personal data?
A limited amount of personal data is collection for reporting purposes. This information is only available to site administrators to who generate the reports for campaigns.